Luxury can be found in making the most perfect and subtile coffee recipe's at home. Balancing flavours with the ease and perfection of a barista. With L'Or we pushed the boundries of making evocative recipe's for you and your guests with an altarnative twist to spice things up once in a while.

What we created.

• styling      
• directing
• dilm



The aim of this project was to create 14 films within a time span of 4 days. The difficulty was that we needed to shoot multiple movements and actions that were the same but all had different cups and glasses. Next to that we needed to shoot everything on two different sets. It took hours of planning and coordinating to get a schedule that was efficient and effective.

Every episode has a different ending to make your coffe that more special.
To achieve the level of perfection we worked closely with one of the best coffee stylist in the world.

Ice. We used ruburized blocks
that we moisturized to create
real looking ice chunks. This way
we could work faster and didn't
have to worry about melting ice.

Set Design.

We build one main set with two different tabletops and props. During shoot we had one prep day to paint walls and  switch props and tabletops. This way we could be effienct in out styling and set bduget and create two different moods.


End Result.

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