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We believe that citizenM needs no introduction. For quite some time we have joined their strides and helped them maintain their position as a transformational hotel for a modern breed of travellers. Within their philosophy of being a hybrid hotel that isn’t just another place to sleep, citizenM is expanding its vision by not just comforting mobile citizens within their four walls. The next step is simultaneously bringing comfort to business travellers throughout their journeys outside of the hotels. This redirection tailored towards the future business traveller is announced by us within an international social media campaign.

What we created.

• concepting      
• scriptwriting      
• storyboarding      
• styling      
• set design      
• filmmaking    
• production

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The aim was creating a film campaign that points out the current values and establishment of citizenM whilst also teasing the upcoming innovations. Accordingly part of the deliverables was highlighting the amenities. The second part was exhibiting a business traveller who works globally, by the means of citizenM. 


We wanted to tell the story in an innovative way rather than creating another standard hotel commercial. Since we didn't want to make the story dry nor litteral, we decided to make an abstract representation of the conveniences found within citizenM. In the story we follow the journey of a business traveller making optimal usage of the amenities and USP's located in the hotels. However, key in our approach has been to not just show what's inside the hotel, but rather putting an emphasis on the lifestyle it helps to accommodate.

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& Set.

The main part that was going to either make or break this campaign was the styling and set building. In line with our concept of creating an abstract setting based on what's inside of citizenM, we used modular glass tinted windows in combination with led-lighting. Both assets where interchangeable to create different sets out of the same material. In combination they create the kind of futuristic and artistic look resonating with the target audience.



Based in the clean white studio of we  started building a multitude of sets based around our    storyboards. In one day we transformed the studio into a futuristic space ready for the shoot of our upcoming campaign.


the scenes.

Once everything is set the real hard work kicks off. For 2 days straight our crew has been running, building, styling, shooting, lacking sleep and drinking coffee to make up for it. Here's the behind the scenes film to give you some insight of what those days look like for us. 

End Result.

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