Here's a selection of some of our projects to give a better understanding of what we do best.
In this section you'll find a wide variety of brands, approaches, designs and purposes;
all tailored to the specific needs of a client. Feel free to scroll down and enjoy the aesthetics!


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+ Production | Directing | Post Production

During these troubled times where the Covid-19 virus has changed the way we life our lives and interact with one another, citizenM wanted to share their ways in enabling a safe environment for their guests. 

The Pullup Club

+ Brand Development | Concept | Campaign | Design

The Pullup Club is our answer in times of the Covid-19 crisis and when we saw all of our other ventures and projects come to a stop. PUC is an ice cream truck that serves up delicious ice cream in a modern way. Inspired by hiphop and street culture our aim is to sell the freshest ice cream and other products on the side.


The Boyscouts

+ Photography

Our bones and our connections to our chosen family are what carry us through life. We lean on our foundation every day, on our framework: its strength matched with frailty. Bones don’t bend, they break. And so the important thing to remember is: Yes, we all stand alone, but mostly we stand together.



+ Product Development | Concept | Campaign | Design

Kembali is a spirit brand that is inspired by beauty, lifestyle and culture. It takes its inspiration from brands that create and sustain a vision for living and getting the best out of living by using high quality products that are made from the finest ingredients and sustainable processes.


+ Product Development  Concept | Campaign | Design

Sodai is a project currently in development. It's a low ABV seltzer with subtle fruity flavours. With Sodai we want to offer an alternative for a mature audience to enjoy a low alcohol drink that tastes and looks amazing. 

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 15.05.29


+ Cookbook | Concept | Design | Photography

Kelu comes from the Indonesian word "Keluarga" which stands for family. It's a cookbook and community inspired project that focusses on the preservation of family recipe's. The main focus will be a cookbook and website with a diversity of recipe's across all cultures and regions.


+ Product Development | Concept | Design | Campaign

A high fashion kid's shoe brand bringing timeless designs and quality with the essence of an hip hop era.
Arisen from the need to fill a gap and inspire the mases.

Screenshot 2020-02-05 at 14.02.56


+ Short film

Our first short film. Synopsis: when a chef, a traumatized artist and a small time criminal, are desperate and have no hope left in their life, they decide to take action with high risks that could have catastrophic consequences. The lives of an unsuccessful chef, a poor artist and a small time criminal intertwine in three tales of violence and redemption.



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We are a creative content agency with a digital focus.
By having a casual chat we find out what you’re all about and cut down to the essence. 


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