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The Pullup Club is our answer in times of the Covid-19 crisis and when we saw all of our other ventures and projects come to a stop. Instead of trying to show our clients ways of still working under limited circumstances we thought we showcase our creativity and create a brand ourselves while simultaneously create business of our own in times when there is none.

The Pullup Club is an ice cream truck that serves up delicious ice cream in a modern way. Inspired by hiphop and street culture our aim is to sell the freshest ice cream and other products on the side, from the back of the truck you might say :) These products are from other local entrepreneurs that are also struggling in these trying times. The name refers to pulling up on your street, the club more to the other locals and their products we're trying to sell. A club of creative people trying to survive on smiles and c.r.e.a.m as Wu Tang Clan might say ;)


We wanted to combined a more classical mono colored logo with a flowing "liquid" 3D design that feels more young and provocative. The idea was to create a modern interpretation of an Ice cream truck and use all its cultural aesthetics in a refreshing way. We were inspired by the use of stickers within Ice Cream culture, their unassuming layering of the way that they shout out and communicate. A delicate mess of colors, typography and information.



We love fashion, we love hip hop, we love Ice Cream and within this project we tried to combine our love for all these worlds. The typographic identity was for a part inspired by liquid designs and the fluidity of fashion and gender. We combined it with the repetition of images and information with a clear connection to street visuals, graffiti and postering. We used parts of the iconic lyrics from the Wu Tang Clan's track "C.R.E.A.M" to connect to the current time frame and situation we're in and also connect to the parents of the kid's we serve. We tried to create a brand that's cool, fun for kids and at the same time also mature for adults to connect with.



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